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The Herbalife products featured on my online store are used and endorsed by superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and used by many Irish and international sports stars.

Experts and scientists from around the world guide product development and oversee clinical studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of all Herbalife products. The Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) trains Herbalife specialists and members on the importance of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.

As I am a graduate in Health & Nutrition Coaching and Sports Nutrition for Weight Control and Performance and also a member of The Nutrition Society, the Association of Health Care Journalists and the prestigious Harvard Health Medical School. I am happy to recommend and help you to choose any of the Herbalife products to assist you with your health and fitness journey. If you need help choosing a product please don't hesitate to contact me on my mobile below or feel free to send me a what's app message (number below) or pop me a direct message on my Instagram page, whichever you prefer. I will be happy to guide you.



A high protein, low sugar wellness shake made with naturally sourced and organic ingredients.

✔ 634 kJ per serving
✔ 20g protein per serving
✔ 6g of fibre per serving
✔ Vitamin C and 7 key minerals
✔ Gluten free
✔ Suitable for vegans


Most mornings I start my day with a nutritious creamy Herbalife Nutrition protein drink, which is high in protein, fibre, gluten free and low in sugar. It kickstarts my morning perfectly, providing me with all the essential amino acids my body needs and give me a burst of vitamin C to boost my immune system during these difficuilt times. It also provides me with 7 key minerals, all from natural sources.

Depending on how busy my day is I generally try to get a workout in early in the morning. This is the best time to exercise as humans naturally have elevated levels of cortisol and growth hormone in the morning - both of which are involved in metabolism. You'll draw more of your energy from your fat reserves by exercising in the morning and your body will become naturally leaner. If I can't make the morning I'll try to workout in the evening, but sometimes a nice brisk walk to fill your lungs with fresh country fresh air is all you need to rejuvinate yourself.

The most important aspect of lunch for me is to ensure Im fuelling my body with good nutrition. I have created and developed some delicious healthy recipes, which you can see by visiting my my instagram or my website

As I fuel my body with the right nutrients I generally don't snack, but if I do feel the hunger setting in I generally have another Herbalife protein shake, which always hits the spot.

Dinner is my favourite meal of the day: it's the time I can finally relax when all the work is done and I can chill out with family. My dinners vary every day, and you can check out some of my favourites on my Instagram page or website. This is broadly what my daily diet consists of. But it's important to stress that one size does not fit all with nutrition, and what I eat on a regular day may not suit someone else. Everybody's DNA is different and the demands of my body will be different to what other people may need, depending on size, age, gender, fitness, metabolism and, of course, taste! That's why - if you're looking to get real and sustainable results with your health and nutrition - you will need a customised plan to meet your specific needs. To see how I can help, pay a quick visit my website and check out what my clients say.